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We take care of it

On weekdays, a caretaker will be available during regular working hours, maintaining a courteous environment and service for residents. The oversees who enters the building, receives packages upon request and is responsible for all communication and interaction with the building’s service providers. Eignaumsjón, a service provider for the Austurhöfn homeowner association (HOA), will be responsible for all basic services and maintenance of the building and grounds as well as assisting the HOA with regular meetings and accounting.

That extra mile

For an additional fee Austurhöfn offers owners and residents tailor-made services from ERT Concierge. These services include assistance with interior decorating and furnishing, housekeeping, in-residence dining and catering, personal care, child care, pet care, dry-cleaning, travel-planning, town car services and much more.

Premium parking

Parking spaces and storage rooms are on two underground levels in the capacious basement. A parking space comes with most condominiums and the larger condominiums come with two spaces. The unit parking structure is access controlled and exclusively for the use of residents.

Residents will also be able to charge electric cars at every parking space using Zaptec charging stations. The charging system from Zaptec makes better use of available electricity and ensures that every resident is only charged for the energy they use.

Finding the perfect piece

One of the services available to the residents of Austurhöfn is art advisory for the new home. Austurhöfn has sought collaboration with i8 art gallery that will be the service provider. After first opening its doors in 1995, i8 has played a vital part in the cultural arena by adding variety and vitality, promoting Icelandic artists abroad and introducing the latest international trends to the local audience.

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