Living – Austurhofn

Right in the middle of things

The old harbour district is right in the city centre. World class restaurants, museums and music venues offer a variety of activities for guests and residents alike. Some of the city’s oldest and most iconic buildings are clustered around the harbour and the area has been, and still remains, the beating heart of the city.

The best of all worlds

Iceland’s culinary strenghts lie in the freshness and purity of it’s produce. Add to that an ever rising ambition amongst Icelandic chefs and the increasing number of immigrants enriching the already cosmopolitan nature of the city and it’s easy to see how Reykjavík has acquired a reputation as a culinary hot spot.

Where shopping thrives

Austurhöfn is right in the centre of town, where Icelandic shopping thrives. Local designers show off their latest creations and international brands of both the chic and urban variety are easy to come by.

Arts and culture

Classical music, fine art or the bleeding edge of pop music and contemporary art. Whatever tickles your cultural palate you can easily sate that hunger. The symphony and opera are right next door in Harpa, and a surprising number of galleries and museums dot the neighborhood. For more modern fare you only have to step outside and let the music guide you.

Music non-stop

For many people, Reykjavík and music are near-synonyms. The whole scene is concentrated downtown, with innumerable venues, big and small, hosting up-and-coming performers as well as established artists every night of the week. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Best moment of the day

That moment when you sit down with a steaming cup of Reykjavík roast, alone or in great company, and relax for a few minutes. For some, this is the best moment of the day. A moment that is easy to perfect at one of the numerous cafés near Austurhöfn.

Along the waterfront

Take a walk along the waterfront and breathe the brisk ocean air. As the sun sets, the mountains across the bay take on the most amazing pinks and purple. It’s no wonder this landscape and this area have inspired generations of painters and poets.

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